Blossom exhibition photo 1

Philip Janssens, zonder titel, 2018 (front) & Hans Köhler, Computer Art IBM Edition A01 - A08, 1972 (back)

Blossom exhibition photo 2

Georg Nees, Bullets, 1966

In the 1960s, visual artists began using algorithms to generate image. Code and script produced material that resembled patterns from biology and astronomy. A new graphic visual language came about.

Blossom exhibition photo 3

Vilko Žiljak, untitled, 1975 - 1996

Blossom exhibition photo 4

Hans Köhler, Computer Art IBM Edition A01 - A08, 1972

In the 1960s and 1970s, the New Tendencies exhibitions took place in Zagreb. Those exhibitions featured work by computer art pioneers. The group exhibition Blossom shed light on the developments in computer art, and the ways in which the resulting works are deeply rooted in the shapes of nature.

Blossom exhibition photo 5

Samantha Thole, The Blind Watchmaker_Mitochondrial Eve, 2018

Blossom exhibition photo 6

Samantha Thole, Patterns of Evolution, – the Multiregional Model, 2018

Philip Janssens, Hans Köhler, Georg Nees, Sylvia Roubaud, Manfred Robert Schroeder, Samantha Thole, Edward Zajec, Vilko Žiljak

Bas Hendrikx

Garage Rotterdam, The Netherlands