A Genealogy of
Generative Art

Genealogy 1

Metropolis M, April May 2018, cover, Harm van den Dorpel

This commissioned article (in Dutch) for Metropolis M magazine, addressed computer generated art from the 1970s to the current age. Generative art resonates among a younger generation of artists, who again find relevance in the processes in this day and age, while their predecessors paved the way in the 1960s and 70s. Focusing on the work of artists Sonia Landy Sheridan (1925), Peter Struycken (1939), Vera Molnàr (1924), Ian Cheng (1984), and Harm van den Dorpel (1981), this text looked at the practice in which artists make use of computational processes to autonomously generate art pieces.

Genealogy 2

Metropolis M, Een Genealogie van Generatieve Kunst

Genealogy 3

Metropolis M, Peter Struycken, PLONS, 1974

Author Bas Hendrikx

Publisher Metropolis M

Year 2018