De Stad,
De Stad

De Stad De Stad photo 1

Marthe Ramm Fortun, performance, 2019

The city is the setting in which our lives unfold. We meet each other and we avoid each other. We cast glances of desire, or look over our shoulders to make sure the situation is safe. Everyone has different expectations of the city.

De Stad De Stad photo 4

Exhibition view, Risk Hazekamp (left), Jaanus Samma, Sweaters, 2012 (right), Photo Aad Hoogendoorn

De Stad De Stad photo 3

Richard John Jones, An Excercise in Taste and Shame, detail, 2018, Photo Aad Hoogendoorn

De Stad De Stad photo 2

Sille Storihle, The Stonewall Nation, 2014, Photo Aad Hoogendoorn

The urban space is not always what it seems and is often used differently from how it was envisaged on the drawing board. The built environment is fluid and flexible. It is up to the user to interweave a delicate network of places, streets, people and signs. The exhibition De stad, de stad (The city, the city) explored the experience of urban space.

De Stad De Stad photo 6

Arthur Staal, archival images, ca 1936 - collection Het Nieuwe Instituut - Photo Aad Hoogendoorn

De Stad De Stad photo 7

THE KOKRA FAMILY (line kramer & marjolijn kok), Gossip Free Zone , 2019

De Stad De Stad photo 5

Rob de Vries & Arthur Bueno, Flikker, 2008, Photo Aad Hoogendoorn

Moyra Davey, Risk Hazekamp, Dorian Hiethaar, Richard John Jones, THE KOKRA FAMILY (line kramer en marjolijn kok), Marthe Ramm Fortun, Jaanus Samma, A. Staal, Sille Storihle, Natalia Sorzano, Arthur Bueno | Rob de Vries.

Bas Hendrikx

Garage Rotterdam, The Netherlands