Jacques Lizène, Sculpture Génétique 1971, Sculpture Génétique Cultuelle, 2009, La Danse de Derrière le Décor (le ballet d’entretien des lieux d’expositions afin de faire reluire le lieu écrin de l’art séductif) 1975, remake 2010-2011


Jacques Lizène, Sculpture nulle 1980, remake 2011

In varying degrees of visibility and presence, meetsysteem combined the work of three artists. Jacques Lizène, gerlach en koop, and Nora Turato share an idiosyncratic attitude and an interest in the mechanisms of language and image. As the self-proclaimed ‘Minor Master of Mediocrity of Liège’, peripheral thinking is central to the work of Jacques Lizène, and to the exhibition.


gerlach en koop, Per via di levare, 2015, crossbar from a new and unused bike which is stored in the depository of CIAP


Exhibition view, Jacques Lizène; Art de Banlieue, Banlieue de l’art, Peinture Nulle (left), Sculpture nulle (right)


Exhibition view, Jacques Lizène; Arabesque (left), Sculpture Génétique Culturelle (right)

The exhibition built on his body of work, and included a number of sculptures, videos, and a painting. gerlach en koop showed a work in the context of Lizène’s work. Nora Turato’s contribution to the show consisted of a spoken word performance. Jacques Lizène carried out an impromptu hovering performance at the exhibition opening.

Artists Jacques Lizène, gerlach en koop, Nora Turato

Curator Bas Hendrikx

Venue CIAP, Hasselt, Belgium

Year 2017